Trade Show Application

Thank you for your interest in the TEDxUNBC Trade Show. The Trade Show will run from 12:00pm to 3:00pm and it will be the only portion of the event open to the public. Show participants will have a unique opportunity to showcase their talent to both conference attendees and members of the Prince George community.

There are three parts to the trade show: TECHNOLOGY,  ENTERTAINMENT, and DESIGN.  The technology portion of the show will showcase Prince George’s talent and latest technological innovations, the entertainment portion will showcase local talent while entertaining guests, and the design portion will showcase design innovations.

 This application will help the TEDxUNBC Trade Show Selection Committee assess if your talents and contributions match the vision of the conference.

Please complete with as much detail as possible:

describe your display and your message
Will your table require an outlet? *

Those who are part of the trade show are not video taped and will not be part of the main stage production. Tables and chair are provided by TEDxUNBC